Wow, I can’t believe we’re halfway through May. How did this happen? I haven’t posted anything in awhile because I’ve traveled a bit and I’ve also been scrambling to finish our guest suite above our garage. Our out-of-state family announced they’re coming for a 3.5 week visit in June and there’s nothing like the threat of 6 more people in our living space to make me hustle and create a guest space for them. I’ll share some of that process soon but floors install on Monday and I have boxes arriving everyday with furniture and faucets and all the things. In the meantime, here’s a rambling I wrote recently. 🙂

  1. It’s Taco Tuesday today so I’m thinking about them.
  2. I don’t think I’ve ever met a human who doesn’t like tacos in some form or another. If you don’t, please let me know because you might be a taco hating unicorn.
  3. Carnitas, ground beef, fish, pulled pork, turkey, butternut squash… on a salad, crunchy taco or tortilla… I could go on. I love them all. I make tacos on Tuesdays (and sometimes other days if it doesn’t work out on Tuesday) and we rotate. This week is Carnitas on corn tortillas.
  4. There is something about good food and sharing it with others. I love to make food for people I love and eating it together is even better! Time around the dinner table together is always worth the work.
  5. I’m not the best cook in town but I still invite people over. Now that life is starting to feel like it might be normal again, I’m excited to start having people over again!! It feels vulnerable sometimes but it’s worth it to share my home and my food.
  6. Being vulnerable doesn’t feel good, does it? Or are you one of those people who likes to feel naked in front of others? I personally hate it.
  7. I don’t like the way it feels and I have to be conscious of sharing who I am with others. It’s easy to stick to the shallow end of the pool because it’s safer. But are we ever really known if we don’t let people into the things that matter? Your fears, hopes, good memories and the things that have hurt you in the past… those are the meat of what makes you YOU.
  8. I have a long time friend who told me once that I was very hard to get to know in the beginning. When she told me this, I was shocked because I had never thought that way about myself but also realized it was true. It was a hard realization to swallow.
  9. Not letting people into the real and deeper places that make up who we are will only leave us feeling lonely, even in a room full of people. We all have a basic human need to be seen and known for who we are under that good outfit, shiny accomplishments and the presentation of ourselves we curate for the world to see.
  10. The other day, I was working out at Barre3 and caught a friends eye in the hall during a workout but she was buzzing by. We have enough history that I just knew she would pop back to make a funny face so I kept watching and had a funny face waiting for her too when she did. In that moment, I felt known.

Be vulnerable. Let yourself be known.

xo Bonnie