Every year my goal is 30 books. This is the first year in ages that I haven’t read at least that many. I’m ending at 22 and my middle schooler is very disappointed in me. 🙂 He realized back in August that I wasn’t pacing for the year and was quite bothered that I didn’t care all that much!

It’s just been that kind of year. I had one book that took me AGES to get through… like almost 2 months. I should’ve given up on it. We had summer guests for over half the summer. I got a new job that leaves me with much less free time. Blah blah blah. It doesn’t matter. I read 22 books and I feel good about it! One thing I did read more of this year were good books. In 2021, I read a ton but had a hard time picking my top 6 for the year because there were plenty of meh reads. Today I will have a hard time picking my top 6. Here they are in no particular order!

  1. People We Meet on Vacation: I don’t know where to start with this book. It was my first read of 2022 and I don’t remember a lot about it. What I do remember is that it was so good and the author mastered the tension of this story. I could not put it down. It had romance and humor and real human connection all wrapped up for a really good read. I can’t recommend this enough!
  2. Ask Again, Yes!: This story had tragedy and love while tackling really hard topics with no easy answers. Mental health and addiction were the themes of this story and I felt drawn into the characters from the beginning.
  3. The Extraordinary Life of Sam Hell: What a book! We read this in my book club and everyone felt that it could’ve been an autobiography, it read so true. The story was amazing and I couldn’t put it down! Just read it!
  4. The Invention of Wings: This historical fiction is set in the south and looks at history through the eyes of 3 women: a slave owner, her slave and the slave’s mother. It’s beautiful, intense, tender and heart-breaking. I loved this book and read it in a few days. I found the story pulled me in very quickly and didn’t let me go!
  5. It Ends With Us: This BOOK! All I can say is… read it! I don’t really want to say too much that gives it away but it’s a powerful story about hard choices in relationships and what kind of story we are handing down to our children.
  6. We Begin At The End: This book was part mystery, part love story, part tragedy all wrapped into a perfect book. The characters were so unique and compelling. I felt a little on edge through this story (the author meant for this!) but I liked how it all played out. It’s definitely a story worth reading!

Notable other read: Every Summer After… I read it in a day and goodness, it’s steamy! I loved it and have recommended it to many friends who have also loved it. If you need a good vacation read or an escape from whatever is ailing you, read this. You’ll feel better.

I kept it short and sweet this year but every one of these books is worth your time. You won’t be disappointed!

xo Bon